Rod Jordan    Counselling Psychologist  
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Clinical Consultancy & Counselling Psychology
Carlton North, Fitzroy North and Footscray

Finding the right psychologist is not always easy. Not all psychologists are the same. Just like any other profession, psychologists come from different backgrounds, have different personalities, experiences and beliefs and they operate from different theoretical frameworks. It is sometimes advisable to shop around in order to make an informed choice as to what kind of treatment and what kind of psychologist will best suit you and your needs. 

As a psychologist in full-time private practice, I have many years experience in helping people struggling with concerns such as psychological trauma, loss & grief, depression, anxiety, stress, fears & phobias, relationship problems, addictions and self-esteem issues.

Drawing from numerous theoretical and evidence-based approaches, I am able to assist clients with healing and personal growth. The counselling promotes understanding and addresses the emotional concerns brought to the sessions by the client. Such an approach is able to help clients develop strategies and means to deal with their concerns in ways which are specific to themselves so that emotional life becomes more manageable, more acceptable and more comfortable. This results in people developing more effective means of coping and enables them to become more the person they would like to be.

The counselling sessions are conducted in rooms that are private, safe and comfortable. Online (Skype) or phone counselling is available by request.

Please feel free to phone, text or email me for more information or to discuss your needs. 

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